Why host events?

I have been in many guilds in my life.  From guild master to guildie, I have been in just about every guild position there is.  I have my favorites, and my least favorites, but I have learned the importance of each.  Event Planners, Event Managers, or what ever you happen to call them, are important to the survival of a guild.  Why?  Well, they plan events, but why is this important?  Shall I count the way?

How about I list them off instead.  First of all, events help build that community every guild should be striving for.  Whether you are a small guild with a single hardcore 10 man raid team or a super mega guild with more members in your guild than there are in some servers, having a community is what makes you a guild.  Whether it’s a mat gathering event the night before your raid-a-thon or a week long series of events to celebrate your guild.  Getting a group of people together to just hang out and enjoy the company makes people feel wanted and keeps them in your guild.

Another reason events are important is it keeps the game fresh.  As we are in the middle (please let it be the middle and not near the beginning) of the expansion lull, keeping people excited to play can be a challenge.  Hosting events that keep the game fresh and exciting can keep your membership alive.  Whether it is a transmog contest or an all day brawler’s guild extravaganza, getting people to participate in something they wouldn’t normally can really open the game up to them.

Depending on the size of your guild, this can also open up opportunities to get some guildies in the officer staff.  Being able to help the guild on a bigger level really can make people feel like they are important.  This makes them want to stay in the guild and, in turn, get others excited about staying/joining as well!  When I was invited to be an event planner, I was shocked.  I was just a little guildies, and now I was part of the officer staff!  A new spark went through me and I tried to get everyone excited to be in this guild.  Now, as the head of the event planners, I still have that spark and still try to make everyone feel excited.  Giving someone an opportunity like that can totally change how they see the game, and isn’t that an amazing thing?

Events and event planners can totally change the dynamic of your guild.  Small things like impromptu world boss runs to extravagant raffles and scavenger hunts can make a guild extraordinary.  Event planners do amazing things to help your guild grow and stay a community.  They can help make your guild the “it” guild on your server, or can help keep your dedicated awesome guildies involved and excited to be there.  So go on now, hug your event planners, tell them how awesome they are, and always try to participate in their crazy awesome ideas (even if they are more crazy than awesome!)  Trust me, we appreciate every suggestion, participant, and thank you more than you know.




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