Guide to Prizes

Some events are awesome enough in themselves that they don’t require prizes!  However, prizes are necessary to host successful events.  Now depending on what type of guild you are an how you handle your events, prizes can be a difficult part of your event planning.

Before we get into how to get prizes, let’s talk about why you need them.  First off, depending on how big your guild is and how active, prizes may boost numbers to your events.  In the idea world, the sense of community and hanging out with others would be enough to get members to come to your super awesome tournament.  Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world, or I would be getting paid way too much to sit on my butt and play this game all day.  Prize help get people interested and keep them interested.

This does create a small problem though, because if you go too big your first time out, people may expect it to be that way all the time.  Having tournaments at a set time every month is a fantastic idea!  It makes it easy on you and your guild members when you have consistent events.  When you have them every month, you want to try to keep the prizes consistent.  If you go all out with a Sky Golem on your first one, some people may expect it every time.  I know I like to give out bags, because who doesn’t need them?  Especially bigger ones like Embersilk or Frostweave.  You can also bundle it up with a small amount of gold (250-1000) amount of gold as well.  When we have our anniversary or we get a super awesome donation, I will announce that it is a special prize for this tournament to enforce the idea it doesn’t happen often.  Depending on your resources you may be able to give out super awesome prizes every time, but if not, small prizes aren’t bad prizes!

Let’s dive right into types of prizes you can give away.  You can get super creative with this, just about anything can be a prize.  We have talked about a few already, but let me just list some off.

Mounts, Bags, Pets (I always tell people do not give me silkworms or squashlings!) Flawless Battle Stones, Gold, Raw Materials (ghost iron ore, golden lotus, exotic leather, etc.) Flasks and Feasts (perfect if you are a raiding guild,) Transmog Pieces, Crafted or BoE gear, etc.  Now, here is where some creativity can come into play, because you can even donate your time.  Let’s say you are an amazing Paladin and you know everything there possibly is to know about them.  Well, use your skills to your advantage and offer up an hour to talk to the winner about Pally’s.  You can help them with rotation, add-ons, etc.  This is also a great way to get to know people in your guild on a more personal level.  You can even donate your skills like 10 free enchants of your choice, or free gems.  If you have some well known people in your guild, why not offer a Flex or LFR run by them.  Of course you want to run this by that person first to make sure they are on board.

Now that you can see all the fun you can have with coming up with prizes, let’s talk about how to get these prizes.  The most obvious is just spamming or using your guild website to say donations are always accepted.  If you have a staff of event planners working with you, have a night where you all run some raids to get some of those pets, or spend some time in mumble talking (and drinking maybe?) while you gather mats for an hour.  Talk to your GM or other officers to see what ideas they have, or what they may have laying around their bank to donate.  This is the challenging part, but depending on how active your guild is, this may be an easy hurdle to overcome.

Next time I am going to talk about how to tailor events and prizes to your guild type.  Which means I will also be talking about guild types 🙂  Until next time, and make sure you give your event planner a hug for all they do!




Simplicity is more fun!

I get asked a lot of questions about events and how to maintain it over time.  My answer?  Simplicity!  The grand events are a lot of fun, who doesn’t love a week long anniversary celebration packed with raffles, contests, and fun games?  well, it can be quite stressful to plan, but in the end totally worth it!  Unfortunately, that is not something you can do every month, although it would be fun, the novelty (and your sanity) will start to ware over time.  

The key to be a success as an event planner is to think simple.  My favorite events are ones you can do regularly without very much effort.  Things that you don’t necessarily even need prizes for (which we will talk more about next post!)  For example, our guild is doing monthly Brawler’s Guild Extravaganza’s.  The last Saturday of every month we set up a channel in our mumble for people to talk and hangout in, encourage people to hop in whether for a 5 minutes or 5 hours, and cheer on guildies as we work our way up the ranks.  No prizes, no fuss (other than creating a channel,) and a lot of fun memories.  The great thing about this event is with the extra brawler’s guild passes you will get from people leveling you can hand them out to guildies who don’t have one yet to enjoy!

This is just one example, but there are many easy events that take little planning that you can do each month to help keep the spark in your guild.  You can easily tailor these to your guild as well.  If you are a raiding guild, have a night of fun grinding mats for this weeks raid.  You can also plan a day for team building by going back to older raids and getting achievements for you and your guild!  Heck, you can even do them each week if you need, but the key is to remember not ware yourselves out, or the novelty will disappear.  

Until next time,


Why host events?

I have been in many guilds in my life.  From guild master to guildie, I have been in just about every guild position there is.  I have my favorites, and my least favorites, but I have learned the importance of each.  Event Planners, Event Managers, or what ever you happen to call them, are important to the survival of a guild.  Why?  Well, they plan events, but why is this important?  Shall I count the way?

How about I list them off instead.  First of all, events help build that community every guild should be striving for.  Whether you are a small guild with a single hardcore 10 man raid team or a super mega guild with more members in your guild than there are in some servers, having a community is what makes you a guild.  Whether it’s a mat gathering event the night before your raid-a-thon or a week long series of events to celebrate your guild.  Getting a group of people together to just hang out and enjoy the company makes people feel wanted and keeps them in your guild.

Another reason events are important is it keeps the game fresh.  As we are in the middle (please let it be the middle and not near the beginning) of the expansion lull, keeping people excited to play can be a challenge.  Hosting events that keep the game fresh and exciting can keep your membership alive.  Whether it is a transmog contest or an all day brawler’s guild extravaganza, getting people to participate in something they wouldn’t normally can really open the game up to them.

Depending on the size of your guild, this can also open up opportunities to get some guildies in the officer staff.  Being able to help the guild on a bigger level really can make people feel like they are important.  This makes them want to stay in the guild and, in turn, get others excited about staying/joining as well!  When I was invited to be an event planner, I was shocked.  I was just a little guildies, and now I was part of the officer staff!  A new spark went through me and I tried to get everyone excited to be in this guild.  Now, as the head of the event planners, I still have that spark and still try to make everyone feel excited.  Giving someone an opportunity like that can totally change how they see the game, and isn’t that an amazing thing?

Events and event planners can totally change the dynamic of your guild.  Small things like impromptu world boss runs to extravagant raffles and scavenger hunts can make a guild extraordinary.  Event planners do amazing things to help your guild grow and stay a community.  They can help make your guild the “it” guild on your server, or can help keep your dedicated awesome guildies involved and excited to be there.  So go on now, hug your event planners, tell them how awesome they are, and always try to participate in their crazy awesome ideas (even if they are more crazy than awesome!)  Trust me, we appreciate every suggestion, participant, and thank you more than you know.



What’s the point?

Over a year ago I was at a crossroads with WoW.  This was definitely not as cool as the crossroads that  the Winchesters in Supernatural go to; this was more of me begging WoW to bring back that community and people that made me love the game.

Luckily my amazing hubby listened to podcasts about WoW all the time, and he happened to fall for Convert to Raid.  Lo and behold, they were starting a guild on an Alliance server!  I love Alliance, don’t get me wrong, the horde has its own perks (like winning PvP all the time) but I started Alliance and my home is with those people.

As soon as it was announced, we joined the guild.  Okay, maybe  it was a few hours later, but it was still pretty quick!  I was skeptical for a while, not going to lie.  There was no way this was going bring that community I craved so much.  I never like to be wrong, but I was ecstatic this time.

Fast forward a few months, I saw the need for event planners.  I went back and forth wondering if I should apply or not.  I talked with my husband, I talked with myself, and finally I just hit the send button.  I immediately went ‘oh dear god, this is a mistake!’ Instead, Red got back to me and I was in!  This was the start of something wonderful.

Fast forward a few months and I get a message from Jules saying her and Zhug want to talk to me.  Real life happens, and this time it meant that I had an opportunity to step up and become the head event planner.  I said yes and immediately created an enormous list of things I would do to make events the thing about the guild.  Our guild would become excited about our events; impatient for the next one because the last one was so fun.  Well, as you can guess, that wasn’t the case.

So what’s the point?  Well, this blog is to document the trials and tribulations that we have had as event planners.  Every smashing success and crushing blow.  Looking out their in the WoW world, I think an event blog is something we need.  A place to get ideas and see what being an event planner can be.  A place to put myself and my team out there as you watch our successes and our failures.  A place to remind myself that it is okay to fail, but learn from it, grow from it, and if all else fails, get on and kill some things!


Head event planner for CTR Aerie Peak